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Christopher Ries overlooks the Sunflower sculpture before its completion.


Christopher Ries creates highly evocative, contemplative works of art, in glass, through classical reductive sculpture technique.  Unlike the traditional hot glass techniques of blowing or casting molten glass, Mr. Ries sculpts mammoth blocks of the world’s finest crystal, blocks whose starting weight is often more than three thousand pounds. 


He carves these massive pieces into elegant enigmatic forms whose internal reflection offer the viewer a journey into another world.  In addition to height, width, depth, Christopher Ries’ work lures the viewer into a stunning fourth dimension created by reflection, refraction, and optical illusion. You’ll see things that aren’t there …or are they? 


For the past three decades, Christopher Ries has explored glass’ potential as a sculpture medium.  The fine art which he creates must truly be seen to be believed.

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