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The cold working process is not well known even to many glass experts. Briefly stated, it is step-by-step material subtraction. First a piece of glass is selected that can produce the required finished form. From there it is cut into a rough shape with flat surfaces by use of saws. Then the form is reduced to final shape by rough grinding; curves are usually generated in this step. Next the piece is ready for final polishing.

To accomplish this process, special tools and machinery are generally required. This photo montage provides a window to the process. These images and brief descriptions are a taste of the many tools and techniques that are known to the practitioner.

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“We are living in the age of photonics, where heretofore, theoretical knowledge of electromagnetic radiation (light) is now being transformed into practical, life changing applications.  My work is a tangible symbol of this time."

 - Christopher Ries


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