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Gallery of Echoes:

A wonderful night with Columbus-based performing artists Shadowbox Live





    My work was recently featured in Gallery of Echoes, a multimedia performance by the Columbus performing arts group Shadowbox Live. Gallery of Echoes honored works of art selected from the Columbus Museum's Permanent Collection through narration, music, dance, and computer-generated visual effects. The result was a sensitive, thought-provoking, and engaging interpretation of some of Columbus's premiere visual and sculptural arts.

    Shadowbox draws its talent from independent performers ranging from composers to comedians and cultural institutions including the Columbus Ballet, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, and the College of Art and Design. Each member of this extraordinary network weaves his or her insight with the next, creating layers of nuance that enhance and elevate the audience's experience. Gallery of Echoes was a truly special performance that at once enveloped and penetrated the senses, leaving me feeling reinvigorated, as though I had gained a new perspective on my peers' work and even my own. Kudos to the group. Shadowbox is a true landmark in the cultural landscape of Columbus.

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