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Glass sculpture Harmony by Christopher Ries


What the art world is saying about the glass sculpture of Christopher Ries.

Picture with Christopher Ries glass sculptureA few weeks ago we visited the Weinstein Gallery in San Francisco where your work is displayed. We loved your sculptures! The things you do with glass, it's reflections, mirroring effects: just great!
We were allowed to make a picture of one of your works, with a nice reflection of us in it (which we noticed while walking around the sculptures).

Kind regards,

Meindert Hart (The Netherlands)

"Art of a superb caliber..."

Anita J. Ellis

Curator of Decorative Arts, Cincinnati Art Museum

"The compelling beauty of Christopher Ries's glass sculptures gives an eloquent expression to the ideals of excellence" 


Sondra Myers, National Endowment for the Arts

"His work is timeless." 


Irvin J. Borowsky,

Founder National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Michelangelo said, "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."  Christopher Ries finds his "angels" in glass and uses high tech tools to cut, carve, grind, and polish the glass to release the forms that he sees.  Although he carves glass, it is almost as though Ries sculpts light itself.  With each cut and beveled edge he controls the way the light reflects and refracts, bending it into patterns and releasing all the colors of the rainbow that clear crystal glass contains." 


PISMO Gallery-Aspen

 "Ries effectively blends a technical precision with an artistic vision that challenges the mind while satisfying the spirit."
Bruce Pepich
Executive Director at Racine Art Museum
"He is a conjurer, a releaser, and a seeker, endlessly fascinated and moved by the optical mystery of light."
James Yood
Professor of contemporary art theory and criticism at Northwestern University
"This is an art of such suggestiveness and finesse, of ceaseless transition and surprise that it constitutes one of the most intriguing exercises in the poetics of optics anywhere in contemporary art."
James Yood
Professor of contemporary art theory and criticism at Northwestern University


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